About PatientCareLink

PatientCareLink (PCL) is a healthcare quality and transparency collaborative comprised of Massachusetts hospitals, their nursing leaders, and home healthcare agencies throughout the commonwealth.  PCL is represented by the Massachusetts  Health & Hospital Association (MHA), the Organization of Nurse Leaders of MA, RI, NH & CT (ONL), the Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI) and the Home Care Alliance of Massachusetts (HCA).

Our Mission and Promise

To deliver transparent quality and safety information from hospitals and home care agencies to patients and other healthcare stakeholders.

The Five Guiding Principles

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About the Massachusetts Health and Hospital Association (MHA)

The MHA is a voluntary, not-for-profit organization comprised of hospitals and health systems, related organizations, and other members with a common interest in promoting the good health of the people of the Commonwealth. Through leadership in public advocacy, education, and information, MHA represents and advocates for the collective interests of its members and supports their efforts to provide high quality, cost effective and accessible care.

Hospital Association of Rhode Island (HARI)

HARI hospitals have a proud record of pursuing and delivering safe, high-quality patient care, continued improvement demands leadership, dedication, and innovation. To meet that challenge, HARI hospitals have joined with the Massachusetts Hospital Association (MHA) and Organization of Nurse Leaders MA, RI, NH & CT (ONL) with their sweeping quality-and-safety initiative to: foster a work environment in hospitals that supports caregivers and promotes patient safety; help ensure effective staffing; advance best practices in patient care; and involve both patients and the public in improving that care.

About the Organization of Nurse Leaders of Massachusetts,  Rhode Island,  New Hampshire  & Connecticut (ONL)

ONL is a not-for profit professional association committed to the advancement of professional nursing, promoting the delivery of quality patient care and influencing the development of health policy in Massachusetts, Rhode Island,  New Hampshire and Connecticut. ONL is committed to fostering the development of nurse leaders across the continuum through mentorship, collaboration and education and to providing an organized structure that promotes support, research, education, and professional development among members.

About the Massachusetts Home Care Alliance (HCA)

The HCA of Massachusetts is a non-profit trade association of home care agencies that promotes home care as an integral part of the health care delivery system.  Founded in 1969, our mission is to "unite people and organizations to advance community health through care and services in the home." The alliance's core values include responsiveness, integrity, passion, continuous learning and respect.