Massachusetts STAAR Learning Session February 2011 (with Presentations)

One of MHA's Strategic Improvement Performance Agenda priorities made advances in February as more than 400 care providers attended the State Action on Avoidable Readmissions (STAAR) project's second learning session in Framingham, Massachusetts. The STAAR project is focused on improving care transitions to reduce readmissions.

A total of 49 cross-continuum teams attended the session. Twenty-two of the teams have been part of the STAAR project since September 2009, and 27 new teams came to the event to learn from their colleagues and begin their own work. The cross-continuum teams include hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, physician offices, home health agencies, and community service providers from across the state.

The Massachusetts leads for the STAAR Project are MHA, the Department of Public Health, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors, and the Massachusetts Medical Society.



Day 1.01 0900AM Making The Case
Day 1.02A 0945AM Overview STAAR Collaborative
Day 1.02B 945AM Reflection and Planning
Day 1.03 1045AM Baystate
Day 1.03 1045AM Key Change 1
Day 1.04 1230PM Key Change 2
Day 1.04 1230PM Newton Wellesley
Day 1.04 1230PM Northeast
Day 1.05 0130PM Key Change 3
Day 1.05 0130PM VA Healthcare
Day 1.05 0130PM Lahey
Day 1.06 0245PM Ke yChange 4
Day 1.06 0245PM Newton Wellesley
Day 1.06 0245PM North Shore
Day 1.07 0345PM Model For Improvement
Day 2.08 0800AM Debrief
Day 2.09 0830AM Metrowest
Day 2.09 0830AM Northeast
Day 2.10 0945AM Engaging Patients and Family Members
Day 2.10 0945AM SouthShore
Day 2.11 1045AM Community Care Settings
Day 2.12A 0115PM MFI Setting The Pace
Day 2.12B 0115PM Cross Continuum Project Team
Day 2.13A 0310PM Report Outs
Day 2.14 0345PM Next Steps
MA Learning Session - 3026 Slides


Houy Table of Selected Sites and STAAR Hospitals
Kelleher OPTiN Project
MA STAAR 3026 Coordinated Response Working Model
MA STAAR 3026 Inventory Tables by ADRC
MacNulty Case Profile
MacNulty Case Profile 2
MacNulty Overview NACS-AOA ADRC of NS
NWH Heart Failure Education Teach
NWH IHI Ortho teach back tool FINAL
NWH IHI Orthopedic Patients FAQ FINAL
NWH Partners Home Care Heart Failure Protocol
NWH Teach Back Heart Failure Screen Shots
NWH Teach Back Scenerio 2011
NWH Teach Back Training Module 2011
PDSA Worksheet
STAAR Key Changes
Team Meeting Action Planning Form