Influenza Immunization

MHA strongly supports the goals of having a healthy workforce, which includes providing the necessary immunizations to ensure that our staff and our patients are protected.

We strongly support mandatory flu vaccination for all healthcare providers. Healthcare providers are the front-line stewards of public health and we believe that our commitment to safe patient care should carry the day in convincing staff to obtain the flu shot.

In addition, we commend the MA Department of Public Health for continuing to advance this important goal - to reach a goal of immunizing at least 90% of a healthcare facility's workforce against influenza. It is important that healthcare providers continue to learn from others, to find common solutions and best practices that can work in other healthcare facilities.

We encourage providers to review the following resources to promote vaccination of their healthcare workers:

2016 - 2017 Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - Free Resources

National Action Plan to Prevent Health Care Associated Infections: Road Map to Elimination - INFLUENZA VACCINATION OF HEALTH CARE PERSONNEL

DPH Flu Vaccine for Everyone! A Guide to Reaching and Engaging Diverse Communities

CDC Strategies for Increasing Adult Vaccination Rates

CDC's Glossary of Influenza Terms