MA Hospital Engagement Network (HEN 2.0)

What is the MA Hospital Engagement Network (HEN 2.0)

The Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association (MHA) once again, served as a Hospital Engagement (HEN 2.0), as part of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Partnership for Patients (PfP) Campaign.  MHA is one of 34 hospital associations working with The Health Research & Educational Trust (HRET), an affiliate of the American Hospital Association (AHA). MHA was again awarded a one-year contract in September 2015 by CMS. 

The AHA/HRET HEN 2.0 project formally closed, Friday, September 23, 2016.  We are incredibly proud of the work the ten participating Massachusetts hospitals put into this initiative.

The Partnership for Patients Campaign is a public-private partnership that intends to help improve the quality, safety, and affordability of health care for all Americans.  The initiative assists hospitals with adopting new practices with the goal to reduce inpatient harm by 40 percent and readmissions by 20 percent by focusing on the following eleven targeted safety areas:

  • Adverse Drug Events (ADE)
  • Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
  • Central line-Associated Blood Stream Infections (CLABSI)
  • Early Elective Deliveries (EED)
  • Injuries from Falls and Immobility (FALLS)
  • Obstetrical Adverse Events (OAE)
  • Pressure Ulcers (PU)
  • Readmissions
  • Surgical Site Infections (SSI)
  • Venous Thromboembolism (VTE)
  • Ventilator Associated Conditions  (VAC)

And in addition,

  • Airway Safety
  • Clostridium difficile Infection (C-diff/CDI)
  • Culture of Safety
  • Disparities and Cultural Competency
  • Failure to Rescue (FTR)
  • Health Care Disparities
  • Iatrogenic Delirium
  • Leadership and Governance
  • Patient and Family Engagement
  • Radiation Exposure
  • Sepsis


 Other HEN Accomplishments:

  • The Comprehensive Data System (CDS) served as the data repository for hospitals participating in the AHA/HRET HEN 2.0. The commitment of the hospitals to using data for improvement resulted in over 400,000 points being entered into the CDS.
  • The AHA/HRET HEN 2.0 website contains a wealth of tools and resources, including but not limited to: change packages, checklists, best practice presentations and case studies. These tools and resources have been downloaded more than 66,000 times over the course of the project.
  • Providing evidence-based, best-practice education has been a key implementation strategy of the AHA/HRET HEN 2.0. From 2015-2016, our national level educational offerings have engaged over 24,000 participants.
  • Peer-to-peer sharing has been an important component of the HEN network. Across our 10 LISTSERVs(r), there are nearly 5,000 subscribers.
  • The AHA/HRET HEN's Action Leader Fellowship (ALF) was designed to build and enhance improvement capacity at the hospital level. Over the course of the project, over 900 participants have taken part in the Fellowship program.
    Hospital-level site visits have proved to be an effective way to provide individual technical assistance and support and was an important implementation strategy which helped to achieve our collective project goals. In HEN 2.0, over 1,400 hospitals received at least one site visit from their state-level HEN team.

Thank you, again for your support and commitment to improve patient care at your hospital and others across our network.

The HEN 2.0 Final Report is now available and stay tuned for what is coming up next,  as we continue our commitment to patient safety , reducing hospital acquired conditions and  readmissions work.



HEN 1.0 Annual Report - December 2013

During the HEN 1.0 phase of the project,  the AHA/HRET HEN and SHAs  worked with the hospitals and provided them with the education, tools and resources to drive improvement in the Partnership for Patients (PfP) clinical topic areas.

In addition to equipping the hospitals with these tangible skills, the participants also gained a network of peers who they engaged with in-person and/or virtually to share best practices, lessons learned, while re-energizing and motivating one another to continue the work. By building this sense of community via the network and providing them with the tools they needed to begin to think about how they can make a change, implement change and test, the AHA/HRET HEN was been able to achieve many quantitative and qualitative results.

HEN 1.0 's important work for our patients resulted in an estimated total of 69,072 patients who had a harm prevented and an estimated cost savings of $201,811,600.  Read full report here

HEN December 2013 Executive Summary is also available.



Quality improvement is both a never-ending and an evolving journey and is something that hospitals must remain steadfastly focused on. While improvement efforts may play out differently in each organization, by joining together as part of the AHA/HRET Hospital Engagement Network (HEN) we are able to accelerate that improvement through the collection, sharing and implementation of best practices nationally. Patients across the country are benefiting from this rapid acceleration of improvement and implementation practices.

For additional resources on any of the HEN 2.0 topics see Improving Patient Care tab and select topic.

Please contact Lorraine Schoen, Sr. Director of Clinical Affairs at MHA at 781-262-6091 or to discuss any questions you may have regarding the MA Hospital Engagement Network (HEN 2.0) through AHA's HRET.